New Ideas That Just Don’t Work

Ever since the Garden of Eden, people have sought to reinterpret God’s words to harmonize them with their own ideas.

No matter how respected a church leader might be, God’s people must carefully compare his ideas to Scripture (Acts 17:11). One example is Baptist professor Bill Dembski, whose new book The End of Christianity attempts to reconcile evolution with Genesis. The next two articles examine the book’s most radical ideas under the piercing light of Scripture.




Answers Magazine

January – March 2012

How can we construct safer buildings? How can we clean up emissions from power plants? Increasingly, engineers are turning to God’s original designs in nature to solve difficult engineering problems. What a testimony to our wise and caring Creator! Also, learn how God is using Amish believers in the USA to help build a new full-size Ark. Plus, discover what the Bible says about those mysterious giants, the Nephilim.

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