In the Beginning: Christians Can Have Fun, Too!

by Ken Ham on October 1, 2023
Featured in Answers Magazine

Sometimes in this Christian work, I just sit back and think, “No matter what we do, we just can’t please everyone all the time. Someone will always find fault with whatever we do.” Yes, that’s how it’s been in this ministry for the 48 years I’ve been traveling and speaking on biblical apologetics.

Before we opened the Creation Museum, naysayers from the church and the world said people wouldn’t come because we were adamant about our stand at Answers in Genesis on a literal Genesis, six literal days of creation, and a young earth. Others said if we were overtly Christian and presented the gospel of Jesus Christ, people wouldn’t come.

Ken Ham

Illustration by Viktor Miller-Gausa

Ken Ham, President/CEO
Answers in Genesis

Well, 16 years later, millions have visited the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter attractions and, according to our research, up to 30% of visitors are non-Christians.

When we announced that a company worked with us to install zip lines at the Creation Museum (and later at the Ark Encounter), we received opposition from some Christians and mockery from the world. I remember a secular newspaper reporter calling me to ask, “Why do you have zip lines at the Creation Museum?” I answered, “Because Christians can have fun, too.”

Some Christians claimed that we should just stick to teaching exhibits and not put in zip lines, as they would supposedly detract from getting the message out. I said to them, “Why can’t we have a wonderful, family-friendly attraction where families can come and have fun together and also learn about the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel?”

Think about Disney. Yes, they have fun rides, but some of their rides actually brainwash people with evolutionary ideas, such as featuring dinosaurs from supposedly millions of years ago. Now we see companies like Disney going out of their way to impose their woke ideology on children, teens, and adults.

Recently, many families have told me they don’t want to support Disney. They have suggested that it would be good for the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum to have some rides that could also feature great teaching, so families could learn about God’s Word and also have fun together. I agree! Why shouldn’t Christians provide such facilities? Why do we let the secular world seemingly have all the fun things, reap profits from doing this, and then use their facilities and name to lead people down the broad road away from God?

Our Design and Fabrication team, which produces the exhibits for our attractions, loves the idea of providing more fun things for families to do at our attractions (including rides) but using them to teach at the same time. We already do this with the stunning carousel and VR experience at the Ark Encounter.

So, over time, don’t be surprised to see more fun things introduced at the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world.

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