Science in Perspective

  • March 1, 2018, p. 35

    The more astronomers discover, the more evidence they seem to find that the earth occupies a special place in the universe. Perhaps that’s because God created our part of the universe especially for humans to inhabit.

  • March 1, 2018, pp. 36–38

    That feeling of “veneration” in the face of the “sacred” has sent atheists scurrying for generations, denying that awe even exists except among religious fanatics. But today everyone is forced to embrace its reality. Neuroscientists can detect its effects in the brain.

  • March 1, 2018, pp. 40–41

    One of the great mysteries and wonders of human history is how settlers reached the New World across vast oceans. Columbus reached the West Indies with the aid of advanced sailing ships and sophisticated metal instruments. But the first settlers were too primitive, right?

Answers Magazine

March–April 2018

The beach beckons us with its seashells. More than just ornate collectables, they testify to the Creator’s lavish provision for even the lowliest creatures. The Creator designed shells with mind-boggling features evolution can’t begin to explain.

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