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Mike Matthews

illustration by Viktor Miller-Gausa

Mike Matthews
Editor in Chief

What do you expect to find every time you open an issue of Answers magazine? The content is never the same, so you can’t be expecting a specific piece of information. What inspires you to start flipping through the pages?

The answer is different for everybody. But some things are true across the board. A good magazine creates expectations, and then satisfies them issue after issue.

Can I let you in on some trade secrets? I think it’ll change how you see Answers.

A magazine, if well done, is like a conversation among friends. We share common interests. We want to get to know each other, share what we’re learning, and enjoy our mutual delight so much that we tell others.

What do we enjoy most at Answers magazine? Clues are sprinkled throughout.

Notice, for example, the three headings on the cover—creation, science, culture. Those are the same as our three primary “departments” (like chapters, where we sort articles). They summarize what we most care about. We want to hear from God-loving experts who can give us Bible-affirming insights on the latest developments in our world.

Our main “features” (the long articles in the center of the magazine) hit these same themes. Did you notice? Creation—the hidden life of the forest. Science—the search for the Ark. Culture—a billionaire’s effort to spread evolution in the church.

But that’s just the beginning. A magazine can only scratch the surface. So we’re a “curator.” We ransack the best news sources and confer with world-class researchers, trying to find the latest, most interesting, most valuable discoveries and insights that further our official mission (“building a biblical worldview”—the tagline on our cover).

A magazine can’t tell everything. It must boil down the most salient facts and inspiring details, packaged with the right illustrations and photos, to explain our world more clearly without getting lost in the details.

More than that, a good magazine needs to inspire us to read more, implement what we read, and tell others (emphasized in our final department, “Speak Up”). Our goal above all at Answers is to encourage God’s people to know and love Him, so they can love others by sharing the gospel.

Pray for us. We want to keep talking and listening. We want to keep hearing from you about ways to serve you better!

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I love the woods. Now, after reading the article on page 64, when I step into the woods I think about the million miles of tubes underfoot linking the trees so they can maintain the forest. What an amazing Creator I serve!

Answers Magazine

May–June 2017

The greatest archaeological mystery of our time may have answers from an unexpected source . . . volcanic rocks.

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