The Rocks Cry Out


Positive feedback from Steve and Pam Elder of the USA.

From Steve and Pam Elder of the USA. For more information about reaching today’s evolutionistic, humanistic world with the Gospel, see our Creation: Why It Matters Q&A.

Does this sound familiar, "Before Adam sinned, nothing ever died"......or..... "Nothing ever died before Adam sinned"? I have been writing this quote on rocks along with the scriptures references that back it up. I use a marking pen. I have been giving them out all summer long. I also leave them in strategic places.

>The most interesting results are that young people read what's written on the rocks and then start talking about it. I've seen it happen several times. I even had a teenager ask me today what it was all about! I told him that it refutes the 'Gap' theory.

We held a Creation Science booth that was geared towards kids during our local fair. I put one of these rocks in the middle of the table that held the tracts. A fifth grader walked by and read the rock over and over to himself out loud. He was working on grasping the idea. He also took one of each of the tracts written by Ken Ham and others, and read them, and came back the next day with questions.

I have also left these rocks laying around our church with the Creation Science tracts that Ken wrote. I have heard the teenagers on more than one occasion read the quote out loud. (They weren't aware that I was listening to them.)


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