‘Petty Power Politics’

Featured in Feedback

I was excited to see the feedback you published today. (This was the diatribe against AiG)

When opponents are reduced to attacking someone’s age rather than their message, it is clear that scientific creationists are winning the arguments. Of course, if a creationist “silver bullet” were produced today that somehow demolished all old-earth arguments, it would have little effect on those who refuse to put their faith in our Creator, since the bottom line is that this is a battle about the object of our faith. However, it is encouraging to see the paucity of the evidence advanced for an old universe and molecules-to-man evolution.

As for attacking age rather than argument, I guess this means that we should throw out any music Mozart wrote before the age of 21. Alexander the Great was not even qualified by age to be a United States senator when he finished conquering the known world, so his military and leadership skills don’t count.

Of course, there are many examples of young men and women who have changed the world despite their youth. But the bottom line is that these are the exceptions rather than the norm.

In an age where the doors to the intellectual “good ‘ol boys” clubs are tightly guarded by dogma and class discrimination (including age), AiG has again set the example by encouraging excellence and open dialogue instead of petty power politics.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for raising up a ministry of this caliber to aid in the equipping of His saints.

W. H.


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