“Burning in My Bones”


“I praise God for what He is doing through this vital ministry.”

I was the man that spoke to Ken Ham about being a theistic evolutionist before stumbling across AIG and the many resources offered here. I had him sign my copy of “The Lie” as this book contributed tremendously to the change in my Christian life that brought me to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through solid doctrine.

I was finally able to attend a conference Ken was speaking at (World View Weekend in Tennessee) and I got the opportunity to personally thank him for his work and the work of all the people at AIG. I praise God for what He is doing through this vital ministry. I could have stood around and talked for an hour with Mr. Ham! This ministry is fast becoming like the burning in my bones spoken about by Jeremiah. It is, in my opinion, the next great battle we face as evangelical Christians today - teaching the proper doctrine concerning Genesis 1–11. I am linking arms with you all to further edify the church in this area.

I can’t tell you how many Christians I have spoken to (and I try to speak to as many as I can about this subject!) who are weak in this area of doctrine and how much it affects their world view, thus their view of Christianity as a whole. Every chance I get I teach my class (I am a Sunday School teacher and a discipleship training teacher) the importance of the literal six day Creation dctrine and the worldwide flood and what these two pieces of history mean to us as the church.

Thank you all very much for your ministry there and praise God for His work through you! The desire of my heart is to see all born-again believers become solid in their doctrine starting from those first words, “In the beginning God…”

Bradley Jones


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