Creationists Converge on Canada

Answers in Genesis Plans Christian Outreach, Conference During Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia


Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

As athletes around the globe gear up for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, over 100 volunteers affiliated with the creationist ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG) are planning to travel to Canada as well, in order to share the gospel message with those attending the international sports competition.

The global arm of AiG, Answers Worldwide, has conducted similar outreaches at previous Olympic Games, beginning in 1996 at the Atlanta Summer Olympics and then later at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. At the Athens Summer Olympics in 2004, nearly 200 individuals came to faith in Christ and five new churches were started as a result of the AiG Olympics Outreach.

In addition to sharing their faith with those attending the Olympics during the day, the volunteers (and some AiG staff) will have the opportunity to attend a creation conference presented by AiG President Ken Ham Feb. 21-22 in nearby Abbottsford, British Columbia. Participants will be staying at the Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre and will be travelling into Vancouver each day via bus, breaking up into pairs as they join the crowds in Vancouver, seeking opportunities to converse with people from around the world. They will also distribute a special booklet designed to assist them in sharing the gospel message (translated into seven languages), titled Gold Rush Vancouver.

“The Olympics provide a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the Scripture’s mission challenge to take the gospel to the whole world,” said Dr. David Crandall, International Director of Answers Worldwide. He will be leading the team of volunteers comprised of friends of AiG from more than 15 US states and three other countries.

“We are praying now that God will prepare the hearts of the sports fans that we will meet,” Dr. Crandall said. Ken Ham added: “This ministry will impact the lives of thousands of individuals as they come in contact with our AiG Olympic outreach team.”

Answers Worldwide is the missionary arm of Answers in Genesis and is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28. Since its inception, AiG has had a great heart for missions; in recent years it has organized that desire under the Answers Worldwide department, working to establish associate relationships with creation ministries around the world. That includes translating and distributing AiG resources to the mission fields of the world. To date, materials have been translated into 76 languages and ministry has been conducted in 94 countries. Plans are already underway for a similar Olympics outreach at the London Summer Olympics in 2012.


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