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by Mike Wild on May 16, 2017

Every once in a while, I take a bush plane or helicopter to visit distant tribal hamlets. While flying, I always love to look down at the lush, rugged sea of green, which is the unspoiled jungle of equatorial Asia Pacific. There are no towns or signs of civilization, only miles and miles of nearly impenetrable mountainous terrain.

One thing that I often see in plenty is a myriad of hidden waterfalls. Many of the little nooks and crannies have a beautiful white bow of sparkling pure water lurching off into a crystal clear pool. It amazes me how water can pour out of some underground reservoir before rushing down a mountain and hurl itself off a sheer rock face.

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The jungles here are full of such hidden treasures. And what amazes me the most about these waterfalls is that no one even knows they exist. There are very few people living in these remote jungles, and unless a person flies over and is paying attention, no one really gets to enjoy their beauty.


However I do think that the Creator enjoys each and every one. Although the world is marred by sin, in many areas it is still a very beautiful place to live. Remote hidden treasures such as waterfalls are gifts from the Lord and give us a possible glimpse of what beautiful things we have to look forward to seeing when God creates the new heavens and earth.

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