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by Hudson Wild on May 9, 2017

I had an ACT test coming up and, to tell the truth, was not really looking forward to it. Taking the test over here is a little bit more of a commitment than taking it in the States. I would be taking the test at the international school in a coastal town about an hour-and-a-half flight away. The root of my hesitation was that I’d have to spend a whole week in town. I also felt a little unprepared because our Internet was not working, and my ACT prep book hadn’t downloaded properly so I wasn’t able to practice the whole month beforehand.

We got word that the tests were stuck on another island with a possibility that they would not arrive in time for the official date. If the ACT tests did not arrive by Saturday, they would not be valid for use. We heard the day before the flight that the tests would probably make it. So after a hasty pack, we awaited our flight. We also took advantage of this plane flight to do a medical evacuation for Etera, a lady from our tribe who was really sick.

Hudson Fueling Plane

It was a cloudy morning with a slight drizzle. We were expecting the plane sometime a little after eight. It wasn’t until 10 that the plane was able to land, and we got in and took an eight-minute flight to another airstrip for fuel. After assisting the pilot with fueling both wings, we headed toward the lowlands to pick up a few guys. We landed on three small airstrips but not before passing over the lush, uncharted mountains of our tribal group’s hunting grounds. Once the plane was filled with baggage and passengers, we were off to town.

We landed in Sentani on a Wednesday, so I worked feverishly Thursday and Friday on the many practice tests while Dad was at the hospital. When Saturday came, I felt as prepared as could be expected. I was feeling a little anxious, but anxiety in the right proportion is healthy, and it ensured that I kept a clear mind and worked hard. Timed tests aren’t my favorite because I prefer to do things at my own leisure and get everything correct.

The test went really well, I think. Of course I won’t know for sure until my scores come in. As soon as I exited the testing facility, it was as if a burden were lifted, and, with my mind free of worry, I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. The rest of our stay in Sentani was busily spent buying supplies; taking a few trips to check on our boat, Cenderawasih; and driving Etera to doctor appointments.

It was wonderful to get in the plane and fly back to our mountaintop. I dislike the city life and am always happy to get back to the quietness of the jungle.

Please join us in praying Etera’s recovery. She was diagnosed with several sicknesses, is five months pregnant, and on top of it all, she has just come down with malaria.

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