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by Kian Wild on April 27, 2017

When we got back to our home with the tribe, we were met by some old friends waiting for us on our bookshelves!

Wild Family Bookshelves

Reading is a pastime that I’ve always enjoyed. It’s something that my brothers and I have grown up doing. Even before we knew how to read, our mom read books aloud. I have fond memories of sitting in our living room, covered in a blanket against the cold, listening to a story unfold. I’ve always liked a good book and still do. There’s just something about it that cannot be found in other sources of entertainment.

Ever since Morgan started preschool, we have been collecting books. Our homeschool curriculum recommended books to go along with the rest of our school texts, such as historical fiction and biographies to accompany history class. Because of this, we have kindergarten books up to teen novels. We have kept all of these, along with many other books, and now our schoolroom wall is lined with literature.

Asher Reading

I like reading, but a good book is sometimes hard to come by. Over the years, my brothers and I have sifted through our collection and found several favorites. These we have read and reread. We will probably continue to read them for years to come.

Reading is such a good source of entertainment. Unlike movies or video games, your mind has to work to create a picture of whatever is happening. A skilled author will be able to describe things well and give the clear image of whatever he or she is portraying. It works your brain and is also really fun.

We can trace all this back to the Lord who has given us the gift of the written word and reading. We can be thankful for it. And because of this gift, the most important message in history, the gospel, has been spread across the world, remaining unchanged and true!

Kian Reading

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