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by Kian Wild on March 21, 2017

We’ve been back in Asia Pacific for a few weeks now, and we were happy to find out that things have stayed pretty much the same. Out in the coastal town, where we are staying for a few weeks, the days are still hot and humid. The people are the same, and the traffic is still nearly impossible. Everything is pretty familiar. But there is one familiarity that isn’t so great, and that’s the frequent power outages. In fact, as I write this now, the power is out.

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Usually in America, power outages are due to strong storms, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. But right now the power is out, and it’s a beautiful day, sunny and warm. A little too warm. Here on the equator, things heat up pretty quick when the air conditioners turn off. It can get uncomfortably hot fast.

The times when the power outages are especially inconvenient, though, are the times when they happen at night. There have been occasions while having dinner with friends when we start a game of cards or something and then bam! The powers goes out, leaving us in complete darkness.

Thankfully, though, power outages have gotten better over the years. It used to be an almost daily inconvenience, but now they only happen once or twice a week. So it’s not that bad. But, when they do happen, you just have to be patient, wait it out, and keep your cool . . . literally.

One thing I have to remind myself is that power outages, just like other annoyances, can have a good side. Usually there is something in every unsavory circumstance that can bring about good. Power outages, for example, are great reminders to be thankful when the power is on.

(P.S. The power’s back on!)

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