Our Common Bond in Christ

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by Libby Wild on February 28, 2017

We made it! We travelled on five planes so far. Each leg of the trip went smoothly and without event.

We were welcomed to our first stop in Asia Pacific by the feel of humidity, the shade of the palm trees, the wonderful taste of the papayas, and the smell of incense. All the friendly faces and the sounds of gamelan music greeted us.

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We will be making our way back to the jungle soon.

We have travelled a great deal in these last 11 months! This is, of course, what we normally do on our “home assignments.” However, this time we visited several new churches. We even stayed with some of you in your homes.

After we visited several of your churches and school groups, our boys observed something. They began to see that they could enter a room full of strangers and leave feeling as if they had known you for years. How is that possible? It is because we are family. We have a common bond in Christ. Only through Jesus Christ our Lord can we know the unity that we do. We have the same King, the same Father, the same Lord.

Thank you so much for teaching that to my boys while we were home in the United States this time.

Much love to each of you!

Wild Family

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