The Nut Question

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by Morgan Wild on February 16, 2017

The most intriguing thing happened the other day, and my brothers and I were just fortunate enough to observe it.

You see, nuts have been falling from this large magnolia tree in the front yard, pelting everything that dares to be below. This undesirable deluge has been rather irritating—nuts everywhere! Well, the other day my brothers and I were getting into the car to go see my grandparents when Kian (third brother) happened to glance up at the telephone line above. There, sitting, or should I say balancing, on the two wires that make up the sagging telephone line was a nut. Yes, one of the annoying magnolia nuts.

I could not help but ask out loud, “What are the chances of that happening?”

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It almost defied logic for a nut to fall from 20 feet above, land squarely on a telephone line, and then somehow miraculously stabilize itself and remain sitting there. Even if 10 nuts were to fall every 10 seconds, the chances of that happening are slim indeed.

As we craned our necks to stare up at the little wonder, a thought crossed my mind. It is amazing how quickly people are ready to doubt the little coincidences we see, yet simultaneously embrace doctrines of even greater impossibilities.

I could not help but think of secular scientists who scoff at the credibility of the Bible, the authenticity of the accounts recorded in Scripture, and in the same breath claim that our entire unimaginably complex universe came about by abstract, random chance!

Some of the most genius individuals would prefer to believe in a man-made, blind-chance, purposeless evolutionary origin of the universe than the inherent, divinely inspired Word of God.

Consider the implications. It is like doubting that a small nut could land and perfectly balance on a telephone line and then claiming that a blue whale could do the same (perfectly balance on its tail fluke) on a fishing line! It is an ironic method of dismissing something that seems “impossible”—turning to an even more outlandish theory to justify their worldview.

It is sobering to be reminded of how far our culture is willing to go to deny the truths and implications of God’s Word and how far they will continue to go unless they are confronted and encouraged to rethink their worldview.

If we think it is incredible for a nut to fall twenty feet from a magnolia tree, land, and stay on a telephone line, well . . . I think you get my point.

*The views expressed by the Wild family are their own and not necessarily those of Answers in Genesis.

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