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by The Wild Brothers on February 8, 2017

We have been on furlough for almost a year, and our time in the States is coming to an end. Morgan is settled in at Boyce College, and the rest of us will soon be going back overseas to Asia Pacific. We have had a great furlough and have accomplished much, but all good things must come to an end. Asia Pacific is basically home to us, so we really miss everything. Some of the main highlights of what we are looking forward to when we return are:

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  • When we first arrive in the coastal regions of Asia Pacific, the warm tropical beaches will be one of our first stops! The snorkeling and spear fishing is pretty amazing over there.
  • We're really looking forward to the great food that Asia Pacific has to offer. Spicy curries with lots of steamy rice are really an exciting prospect.
  • It'll be great to get back to our jungle community and enjoy everyday life in the tribe.
  • We can’t wait to get back on the mountain trails and do some good, rough hiking. Making another trip up to Misty Mountain is definitely on the agenda. This time, hopefully there will be more water to go around!
  • There are no seasons over there. It's more or less nice weather year-round—hot and sunny in the day and cold and chilly in the evenings. The humidity will also be a relief from the dry winter air!

All of these things are fun to look forward to, but the main reason we are heading back to Asia Pacific is to continue the work with our tribal church. Please pray that the church will continue to grow and give glory to God!

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