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by The Wild Brothers on December 15, 2016

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Being filmed for the Wild Brothers videos has been an interesting experience, to say the least. We generally prefer being in the background rather than in front of the camera; so though it may sound like we are natural at being filmed, in reality we aren’t.

There are basically two different types of shots in our series. The first are the real time action shots. The second are the interview shots where we explain something or just talk to the camera.

Before filming the interview shots, we take some time to look over what we’ll talk about, and then—3, 2, 1, Action! As soon as the camera starts recording, we forget our lines or stumble over words. Funny, isn't it? One of the main problems some of us have is talking too fast. We may try to get our lines out as fast as possible, but it isn’t understandable to most people. Then we have to try again.

So what you see on the videos is the result of a lot of tries and a lot of retakes. But in the end, you are worth it! We make these videos for you with the hope that you will want to follow hard after Christ and serve Him with your lives—here, there, and everywhere!

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