The Car from My Great-Grandma

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by Morgan Wild on October 25, 2016

Doesn’t God provide for us in amazing ways? It is encouraging to come to the comforting realization that when you confide your trust in Him, God is not only aware of your needs and desires but is faithful to meet those needs. He even blesses us from the most unlikely sources.

This was very evident to me when my great-grandmother, yes my great-grandmother, generously offered to bless me by giving her 2006 Honda Accord as a gift for the college days ahead that loom in my future. Since I’ll be starting college in January, a vehicle was something that we were looking out for, but wow! Out of nowhere, here was a car —but not just a car. It very well could have been a battered up lemon, a toolbox on wheels, and that would have been fine, adequate enough for my needs as a college kid; but no, this was a beautiful, sleek, white Honda with leather seats, a sunroof, and all the fancy gadgets, complete with a spoiler on the back.

Morgan and Hudson in Car

The cool thing about this story is my great-grandmother. She is an amazing woman and a godly member of our family who we love dearly. Now, she is getting up there in years and stopped driving. She told me, "Morgan, you know that I love you boys. I’m getting older now, and I’ve stopped driving, and I have this car here. It’s a nice car you know, and I’ve taken good care of it. I just want you to know that God told me to give that little car to you and your brothers to use when you start school. That’s what He told me." What an amazing statement!

In this situation, through the generosity of my great-grandma, God was so good to bless me by providing not only a functioning vehicle but a very nice one at that. I felt so privileged. We have witnessed God’s provision for our family time and time again on the mission field overseas and here in America as well. But each time I get into that car from my great-grandma and buckle up, it is yet a constant reminder to me of God’s faithfulness and provision. It solidifies the fact that when you trust in God, He is very able to generously supply all of our needs.

Morgan and Hudson in Car

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