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by Kian Wild on October 4, 2016

Recently, my family and I took a trip to Tennessee to see my great-grandfather. He is 101 years old and still doing great. He walks with the help of a cane and has hearing aids, but that’s it. He is very healthy and is a strong Christian believer. He lives on a cow farm and has lived there his whole life. It was so good to see our great-grandpa again and hang out with him.

Our great-grandpa loves to eat squirrels. His wife (my great-grandmother) used to cook them for him, and he really enjoyed eating them. Well, we heard about this great squirrel hunting spot, and great-grandpa said that he would eat anything we caught, so we decided to give it a go.

We walked up a nearby hill and stealthily made our way to the fringes of the woods. Before two minutes had gone by, Morgan spotted something that looked like a chipmunk. We all rushed over to see what it was, but it escaped. Even though it got away, we were excited. If there was animal life right here on the edge of the woods, what was to come when we made it into the trees? So we quietly proceeded.

Since I wasn't carrying a gun, I became a scout. I split up from the rest, looking for any signs of life. The woods there were a lot different from the jungle back home. But even though it was different, you could still see the telltale signs of the Creator. As I walked around, I would see a branch shake, look over, and find that it was just the wind. Sadly, I didn't see any squirrels. In fact, I didn't see anything.

I met up with the others to find that they had seen two turkeys and a coyote. But turkeys were out of season, and we wouldn’t have gone after the coyote, so we ended up not bringing anything home. Even though we didn’t catch anything for him, we had a great time visiting with my great-grandfather!

Visit with Great-Grandfather

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