Morning Blessings

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by Mike Wild on September 27, 2016

While we are back home in the USA for our furlough time, we are renting a little townhouse on a back bayou in Northwest Florida. This townhouse has a small balcony, and Libby and I sit there early each morning to enjoy some coffee and discuss the plans for the day. This is the same routine that we have each morning on the other side of the world in our mountaintop village.

These two locations could not be more different. One sits perched at an elevation of over 7,000 feet, amidst swirling clouds, crisp air, and breathtaking mountain views. The other is right at sea level amidst the lazy bayou, the flowering magnolias, and ancient oaks with their Spanish-moss beards.

Although these two locations are quite different from each other, both locations have common creatures that always bring joy to my heart, no matter what tasks or stresses the day promises to hold. These creatures are birds!

Have you ever stopped and just listened to the morning birds? They are always out chatting and going about their morning business. In our home in the mountains, our house is not sealed the same way a stateside house is, so sounds from the jungle come right on in. In the morning, it is the sound of the birds that is our natural alarm clock. They wake us up as the sun rises in the east. Here in Florida, our house is sealed to the outside elements and sounds. Some evenings, when it is cool enough though, we open the door to the balcony, leaving only the screen door closed at night when we go to bed. Then hours later after the night has passed and the sun rises, we enjoy waking to the morning blessings of the sounds of our backyard birds!

The species of birds are quite different from place to place. In our mountain home in Asia Pacific, we hear the sounds of birds of paradise, bowerbirds, parrots, lories, mountain warblers, and honey eaters. Here in Florida, we hear bluebirds, robins, red breasted woodpeckers, and indigo buntings, along with the occasional squawking blue heron.


Most places in the world have birds, and I think God gave them their various voices not only for their own communication but also for our enjoyment. No matter where I am in the world, waking up to the sounds of morning bird song is soothing to my soul and starts my day with a thankful attitude to the Creator for His many blessings in life—in both the big things and the small.

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