Grandparents Come to Visit

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by Asher Wild on August 25, 2016

My Grandparents, my mom’s parents, have come to visit us here in Asia Pacific on three separate occasions. They all have been fun but I will never forget this last time they came. It was their first time to our new airstrip site. It was on Monday and we just finished a believers meeting when we heard the sound of rotor blades off in the distance. We walked up to the helipad, the heli landed, and we ran up. Not long after we were greeting my Grandparents with big hugs.

Friends on Porch

My Grandpa likes hiking. In fact he had just hiked some of the Appalachian trial so he was pretty excited about hiking some of our trails. One day we took him down to the river and showed him how we collect butterflies. By the time we got back to the house he said that it was way harder than the Appalachian trail.

Hudson made a cool walking stick for my Grandma, so she could walk around our mountain. Grandma couldn’t come with us on all of the trips because of her knee, so we made sure to bring her flowers that we would find along the trail.

Grandpa and Pu

My Mom taught Grandma how to use the wood stove so she enjoyed baking, and my Grandpa would sit around in the living room with us and talk about old Air Force stories.

Dinner Time

They both really enjoyed the scenery, climate, weather, and tribal people. It rains a lot in the tribe so we taught my Grandma how to say, “the rain is coming” and every time it looked like it was going to rain she would say, “tavi we.”

Grandma and Boys

The week before my Grandparents were going to arrive seemed like the longest week ever. Once they did arrive the six weeks that they were here seemed to go by so fast. Before I knew it they were flying off again on the helicopter.

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