Misty Mountain Is a Metaphor for Life

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by Morgan Wild on July 19, 2016

There is this mountain that looms dauntlessly behind our house. It is the highest peak around and dwarfs everything without competition. The actual reason we built our house where it is now was partially due to the fact that we have such a great view of the mountain from our room.

Misty Mountain Clouds Misty Mountain in Sun

We are literally surrounded by mountains stretching endlessly out to the horizon, but what is so fascinating about this particular one is the mysterious air that hangs around the peak, mist swarming and engulfing the mountain in an ominous display of clouds, always soaked by the deluge of rainstorms.

It's an awesome mountain to stare at because it never looks the same twice, always changing and revealing different facets of its rugged dome, covered in high elevation jungle and scarred by landslides. What I love about this mountain is the way it sparks your spirit of adventure. We affectionately call it “Misty Mountain.”

Jungle Landing Strip

Like this mountain, our lives could be compared, figuratively speaking. I often wonder what will face me in life—my ascent. What unknowns await as I slowly make my way up the steep slope? I pray that I will always trust God for guidance and direction as I maneuver through the sketchy parts, full of pitfalls and dangers, and that I will praise Him when I get through and on to the easy areas.

Sometimes I struggle with choices and am torn between different directions. One thing that I have come to understand is that the visions for our lives aren't always obvious. Like the mountain, occasionally it's visible and clear but most times it's foggy, confusing, and unknown. I'm slowly learning that when we trust God and follow Him, He will make our paths clear to us. Everyone will have to face their mountain sometime, and until you commit and go for it, it will stay a mystery.

Hovering Helicopter

It's encouraging to know that when we give full trust to God and use our lives for Him we can expect to be taken care of no matter where we find ourselves.

*The views expressed by the Wild family are their own and not necessarily those of Answers in Genesis.

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