Where Is the Ketchup?

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by Libby Wild on June 30, 2016

I remember when we first arrived in Asia Pacific one of the big adjustments was learning to cook again. What I could buy and what I could make was different than what I was used to. Morgan was 5, Hudson was 3, and Kian was just 18 months old, so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were a staple. However peanut butter could not be found in plenty. It was more of a specialty item and seemed expensive at the time. We missed some of the quick convenient food we depended on from the US.

Young Wild Family

But how far we’ve come since then. As we prepared to head back to the United States for a time, I had four boys who wanted to bring home all the foods from here that they love. Asher asked me the other day if we could bring back enough ketchup to last us the whole time we were gone because who knows what the ketchup in the States tastes like! The boys have their favorite brand from over here, and they weren’t sure if they would like another brand when they got to the US. All that to say, as soon as they tried Heinz there were collective sighs of relief; they thought that it was the best ketchup on the planet. Who knew they were such ketchup critics? They are such foodies.

Food Ready to Eat

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