Newt’s Picky Diet

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by Kian Wild on June 21, 2016

Our pet Newt is not only strange in appearance, but also in appetite. Unlike cats and dogs that can eat kibble day after day, Newt must have variety in her diet. One of her main staples is oatmeal. She is very picky about it and won't eat it unless you make it a special way. It’s not her most loved dish, but she'll eat it. She especially likes fresh food, like green beans, carrots, or lettuce.

Another fresh food that she enjoys is jungle foliage. So at least once a week, one of us boys will go out into the jungle and gather a few different types of leaves for her. She always enjoys these jungle salads and eats them with vigor.

Although she likes these foods, her favorite choice is what the family eats. Whenever we sit down to eat lunch or dinner, and she is not asleep, she will come for her share. She will amble up to the table and sniff around, waiting for a tasty tidbit.

Asher and Newt

She likes curry, soup, sandwiches and anything else we eat. Whenever we make pancakes or crepes, we always make a little one for her. She especially likes her pancakes with peanut butter and syrup.

She has also fine-tuned her nose and ears to pick up signs of eating. For example, she can smell a bowl of granola from halfway across a room. She will sometimes even wake from slumber to get her "taxes," as we boys call it. You especially have to watch out when you’re eating something crunchy. She will hear you even if she is wrapped up tight in a blanket.

Newt in a Blanket

Newt is an interesting creature and her antics never fail to amuse us. We are continually amazed at how smart she is. God is truly an amazing Creator, and this shows plainly in our funny little pet, Newt.

*The views expressed by the Wild family are their own and not necessarily those of Answers in Genesis.

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