Tribal Fashion

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by Libby Wild on May 3, 2016

If you have ever traveled, it isn’t hard to see that fashion is varied among people groups. Humans express creativity and style in all sorts of ways, and oftentimes in our dress. All indigenous people groups had (or still have) their “look.”

Man with String Necklaces

These styles are one of the things that set them apart from other people groups. Our tribal friends are no exception. Their indigenous style is really striking. They use bright red from the betel nut fruit to paint their face. They also take advantage of the myriad of jungle flowers to place in their armbands, and they use dyes to color their skirts. The bright colors that are in their necklaces made from the wild orchids and black seeds are a trademark combination.

Man with Bow and Arrow
Man with Nose Feather

What we really appreciate about the tribal area we live in is their sense of style, specifically the resourcefulness and use of the beauty of the jungle in their fashion. Sometimes I am melancholy as I find myself on the edge of change on our mountain. It wasn’t so long ago that a friend would walk up on to my porch on any given day with her grass skirt on, or a young man with his face painted and bright red berries sticking out of his arm band. Those days are fading and the outside is encroaching.

Women Hearing Lecture

I guess like all cultures there is a pull to fit in and look alike. Not all change is bad of course; I only fear that tradition and skills will be lost or forgotten.

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