Staple Foods in the Jungle

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by Asher Wild on March 17, 2016

Every culture has a staple food, and without eating it you still feel hungry. For instance, where we live in Asia Pacific everyone loves rice, and they have it pretty much in every meal. Since I was born here and spent my most of my life here, I also love rice and would gladly eat a big bowl of rice for a meal.

Meal Time

Here in the jungle the staple food is the awesome sweet potato. The people here eat them all the time, and you can often find a sweet potato in someone's net bag for a snack for later. In order to make it nice and soft, you have to roast it over a fire then put it under all the coals and ash. Under the ash the potatoes bake. Then once you take it out, it is nice and soft. If a person here hasn't eaten a sweet potato, they feel that they are still hungry.

Sliced Bread

I think that America's staple food is bread. If you think about it, Americans eat a lot of flat breads, tortillas, wheat breads, white breads, and probably lots others that I can't think of at the moment. But at the end of the day I do not favor just one of these staple foods, but all of them!

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