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Why Do We Wear Beanies?

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by Morgan Wild on March 3, 2016; last featured December 8, 2016

Beanies are probably not the most commonly worn head attire, and you wouldn't wear them if it isn't cold. So a lot of people have been asking why 99% of our photos and videos happen to include us (Wild brothers) decked out with an assortment of various beanies.

Boys in Beanies Beanies

It's a valid question because it's not like we live up in the Alps or somewhere where the temperature drops below zero with snow covering the ground. We live in a rainforest along the equator, so most would suspect that it would be really hot and humid. Most of Asia Pacific is, but our house sits over seven thousand feet above sea level, and it is actually surprising how chilly it can get.

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We come from Florida, so we don't have a super-high cold tolerance . . . . We wear beanies because they keep our heads warm.

Another great reason for wearing beanies is that they offer our head protection in the jungle. That may sound funny, but your hair can be a nuisance on a hike; it gets easily tangled on passing thorns and overhanging tree limbs. With a beanie you're good to go and can plunge headlong into any trail without thinking twice.


Look at Absalom. Maybe that was part of his demise. A beanie could have kept him from getting caught up in that tree limb . . . .

The last reason beanies are so practical is because they are great at hiding unruly bed-hair. : )

*The views expressed by the Wild family are their own and not necessarily those of Answers in Genesis.

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