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by Libby Wild on February 26, 2016

Foreword by Ken Ham

It’s a Christian reality TV show, missionary venture, and wonderful, captivating family program that honors the Lord and his Word. The Wild brothers are from a unique Christian family that loves AiG and uses our resources, but lives in a “wild” environment as they reach our relatives in the jungles of Southeast Asia with the saving gospel. Families tell me they are “hooked” on the Wild Brothers programs and can’t wait for the next one. I encourage all of you to invite the Wild brothers into your homes—Christian family entertainment with a purpose at its best!

Wow! We’re so excited that WildBrothers.com has won the best digital initiative award from the National Religious Broadcasters (received in Nashville at the annual NRB convention). That’s great news! Thanks to all of you who have watched our DVDs, read our blogs, and watched our video updates. It’s so encouraging to us to have a team of people praying for us and journeying beside us for God’s glory.

NRB Digital Initiative Award

Here’s a photo of AiG President Ken Ham (center) and VP of Branding and Product Development Dan Zordel (left) receiving the “Best Digital Initiative” award from Sandy Ellingson of the NRB Internet committee.

It’s been an incredible year partnering with Answers in Genesis and getting to share our lives in the jungle with people around the world. It’s been fun to see our four Wild boys really grow into their first “real” jobs as the videographers, writers, and content creators for the reality DVD series The Wild Brothers. They’ve really impressed Mike and me with their initiative and hard work in making the series engaging, gospel centered, and fun. It’s especially been a blessing to be a homeschool mom during this time because often the boys’ writing assignments turn into blog posts on our website.

Kian and Hudson at Desks

There are lots of new challenges for our family in the next year, with our home assignment in the US coming up soon and with Morgan starting college. But the Lord is sufficient and His grace is enough for us. We strive to be faithful to Him while we share the good news of Jesus Christ, who is our hope, our salvation, and our King.

Praying for you,

P.S. Thanks to Answers in Genesis’ President Ken Ham and VP Dan Zordel for accepting the award for us while we’re living on the other side of the world in Southeast Asia.

*The views expressed by the Wild family are their own and not necessarily those of Answers in Genesis.

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