My Brother Hudson’s Stories about Being Younger

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by Asher Wild on January 21, 2016

Can any of you younger brothers out there relate to the same sort of stories I get told by my older siblings?

Boys at the Table

For example, my second eldest brother, Hudson, started telling me all of these stories when I was younger. They always sounded something like this, “When I was your age I would wash dishes every day after lunch,” or “When I was your age I had to fix things all by myself and I didn’t have an older brother to help me,” or “When I was your age I would hunt for rats in the house at night with my bow and arrow.”

I don’t really remember Hudson ever killing a rat with a bow and arrow. I do remember him setting traps and catching some that way. One time he even said, “When I was your age Morgan and I stayed up until 9:00 at night and fixed the cockatoo’s cage outside in the rain because Dad was gone.” I still don’t know if that story is completely accurate. I think sometimes he exaggerates. Or maybe I am a bit spoiled because I don’t have to do any of those things yet. Sometimes, I just don’t know. But, like I said before, I am still thankful to be the youngest.

Asher at Stove

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