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A Challenge to Pray

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by Asher Wild on December 24, 2015

Sometimes I get carried away thinking about all the things that I could have or could do if I lived in America. Maybe sometimes I even feel pity for myself, but that is not the right attitude that I should have because I am blessed in so many ways, and I have way more than a lot of people. There are people all around the world that do not have a family or a home and are always looking for their next meal. It makes me extremely thankful when I think of things like that.

Some people say to us, “Oh, I could never go to a tribe and live there without a store and constant electricity” and so on. But we have so much, especially when you think about the fact that we are sinful and deserve nothing. Adam decided to disobey God (just as we would have done), and by doing that he ruined God’s perfect creation and sin entered the world. God is so gracious that He made a way to redeem us and His creation by sending His only Son to pay our debt by dying on the Cross. So every day we should pray and thank Him. Sometimes when I pray I take it for granted and I am not really being thankful for the gift of prayer. Maybe you are the same way.

The Wild Family

So the next time you pray, pray for a reason—not just so you can start eating—and be honored because you are talking to the most powerful, most incredible, loving, judging, caring, and only God of the universe. Without Him, each and every one of us would be separated from God forever. This morning I decided to write this post to challenge you. Even if you already know this, it might be a reminder to you.

The Wild Brothers

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