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by Kian Wild on December 17, 2015

Before we finished the airstrip, we had to use the helicopter to bring in supplies. The plane would fly our requested items to a nearby airstrip and then the helicopter would meet it and bring the supplies to the village. These flights would happen once or twice during our six-month period in the tribe. They would bring food, medicine, and other needed items for our lives in the jungle. My mom and dad became really good at figuring out how much we as a family consumed in three or four months. Then about a month before the flight we would send a supply order to our supply buyer. He is a really helpful guy; we don’t know what we would do without him. We always have to be careful though; we can’t forget something because if we do we won’t get it until the next flight, which is several months away. Here in the tribe you can’t just get in the car and drive down to the store!

Now that we have an airstrip right in our own village, it is really nice. Now if we need something we can have a plane that is flying in the area drop it off for us. We are thankful that this frees up the helicopter as well. There are a lot of different tribes that are helicopter-access only. The helicopter served us for seven years! There are many people who are all working together to bring the gospel to places that are far away in the jungle. If it wasn’t for the mission aviation programs, the town team, the supporters, and many other people, it would be extremely difficult for us to live here. We are thankful that the body of Christ is a team, each doing their different jobs but with a united heart and purpose to glorify the Lord on earth!

Buying Supplies

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