Mountain Boarding

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by Asher Wild on December 10, 2015

One of the fun things that we can do in the tribe is mountain boarding. We have skateboards, but they don’t have wheels so the bottom is smooth and flat. We make tracks like the one in this video that go down hills so you can go super fast without pushing yourself.

In our area, there are a ton of ferns, so we stomp on the part of the fern that is just above the ground so it is flat to the ground. This makes the track very slick, allowing the mountain boards to easily slide and increase speed. In fact, some tracks make you go so fast you try to stop yourself by putting your hands on the ground like breaks. We made this one track that is so fast it is super fun just watching my friends go down. One time Hudson was going down and the board went sideways, so Hudson totally flipped off the board and rolled down the rest of the track. Naturally everybody got a good belly laugh.

Tribal friends will come to the porch and ask for the mountain boards to go play. Some of the best riders, like Pu, can stand up on them and ride them. So if you live on a hilly area, you should take the wheels off of an old skateboard and have some fun riding on your own track!

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