Photographing God’s Creation

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by Asher Wild on November 5, 2015
Photographing God’s Creation
Photographing God’s Creation

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. It’s one thing to see something beautiful and tell people about it, but it is another thing to take a picture of it to show people. And if you do that then you can always look back on the picture and remember it. It is also a good hobby, and I think it is enjoyable to be out in God’s creation. It also helps me to really catch the full beauty of things. One example is with the tribal people and butterflies. They used to never really notice or appreciate butterflies, but once we started to collect them, take pictures of them, and mount them, they began to look at butterflies with a whole different perspective. They started to see the detail and amazing beauty of creation. They also saw how each butterfly is different and how God made each one unique in color and design.


Right now I have been using my dad’s macro lens, and this is even cooler in some ways. Take the picture of this flower for example. It is so close up that you can see the pollen in the center of the flower.

Photographing God’s Creation
Photographing God’s Creation

I like to take pictures of all the things that point out a powerful and amazing God. So all you kids out there who need a hobby, start taking pictures out in your own backyard!

Asher with camera

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