Things I’ve Learned on the Trail

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by Asher Wild on October 1, 2015

From all my hiking experience I have learned quite a few things and would like to share some tips.

    Asher in the jungle
  1. Do not ask how much longer until we’re there, unless you really want to know, because most of the time you will be disappointed with the response.
  2. I have learned to blink a lot while hiking because there are a lot of gnats in the jungle. The gnats here are about the size of a sesame seed, and they will get in your ears and in your hair. Worst of all is when they get in your eyes. The thing that you don't want to do is think about it too much and wave your hands around your head to try to get them off you. I did that once and it made me so tired that by the time I got up to the house, it was terrible.
  3. Hikers in the jungle
  4. When you are hiking on the trail, do not try to go as fast as you can. You will want to get to a certain spot, but if you don't pace yourself, you will soon feel very tired.
  5. Growing up in the jungle, hiking becomes natural, but you can never be as good as the tribal people. It is amazing how good they are at everything in the jungle; they never fall or slip, but we do it all the time. I have learned to follow the person in front of me by putting my feet where the person in front puts his or her feet.
  6. Asher and hiker

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