Our Table

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by Asher Wild on September 17, 2015

One of the last things that we made for our house was the kitchen table. We only had a few boards left and all of them were twisted and not straight. But we wanted to make a table for my mom, so we picked the best out of what we had. It was hard to get these boards nailed down, but we managed. We had to sand the boards down, which did not take too long. After we had sanded all the boards, we varnished them. Once the varnish dried, we ate our first meal on it. It was supposed to be a temporary table; we always planned on making another one when we had better wood. However, over time we began to like it more and more. It is funny how things that you don't like at first grow on you over time. Besides, it will make a good story to tell to my kids one day.

Our Table
Our Table

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