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by Mike Wild and Libby Wild on August 27, 2015

We had 26 visitors fly in to introduce our tribal believers to a neighboring tribe of believers a few weeks ago. Here we are with a house full of people representing four different heart languages.

Meeting House Teaching in the Meeting House

It was so encouraging to me (Libby) to see these groups encourage one another in the Lord, sharing what the Lord has taught them, and spurring them on to good deeds. There were many laughs and good times tackling cultural differences and language barriers! During the teaching times, we needed a lot of translating. One person would speak in their tribal tongue, then a missionary translated what they said in English so that the other missionary could tell the other group what the first person said in a different tribal language. I learned a lot this weekend, but one thing that really stuck out was that the love of Christ is what binds us; the common bond we have in Him is sweet. Maybe this was a little glimpse, or a foretaste of things to come. : )

Friends on the Airstrip

For me (Mike), this has been the highlight of this term on the mission field!

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