Staying Fit in the Jungle

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by Libby Wild on August 4, 2015

The boys kept venturing off into the jungle on sunny afternoons claiming they were working on a “surprise.” I was curious what they might be up to. Were they working on making a “bird blind”? Finally one day they told us that their project was completed and they wanted to give it to Mike and me.

After just a short time of living in the jungle, we realized that we were not really traveling more than a mile in any direction for months at a time. Mike and I realized we had to be creative when it came to regularly exercising. We found things to do together at home because we live in a culture that doesn’t need to exercise (and we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves by jogging down the airstrip or something with a crowd of puzzled onlookers staring at us! : ) Most parts of their everyday lives involve a workout. Building gardens, cutting down jungle forests, carrying home 40 pounds of produce—it is all work. They are some of the strongest people we know.

So when the boys brought this home, we laughed and thought it was such a thoughtful gift.

Staying Fit

Made out of things they found in the jungle, some plastic ties and patterned off of something they saw in a magazine, the boys made us this jungle workout contraption and threw in a free, live, how-to tutorial!

Staying Fit
Staying Fit

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