The Not-So-Little Things in Life

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by Libby Wild on June 30, 2015

Not all of our days are easy ones. There are days where nothing seems to go right. Like when the circumstances of our days seem to hang like a dark cloud, and it is hard to see past it. Or days that seem to last far longer than the 24 hours they are supposed to be bound to. I am sure there are many who can relate to that.

Then just when you need it, a little ray of hope comes shining your way. Some bit of encouragement that reminds you, “Oh, yes, the Lord is good! And His love endures forever.”

Now that we have an airstrip, Mike and I try to go for a walk every day. In the evenings before the rain comes, we stretch our legs and talk. If you have seen Welcome to our World, you will know that we have coffee together every morning to do the same thing, talk. I guess now that we are getting older, we need more than one time to talk in case we forget something in the morning. ☺

So we were on one of these walks, discussing life and making sure we had a good perspective on things and that we weren’t letting those circumstance clouds overcome us. It started getting dark, and we needed to power walk up to the top of our little knoll to get dinner started and take showers.

Then we walked into the house to discover four not-so-little boys, all busy in the kitchen making us dinner! What a surprise! You have to remember that we don’t have restaurants or fast food joints in the jungle. So most meals need quite a bit of preparation. I think they were the very best bowls of vegetable soup with dumplings I had ever eaten.

Vegetable soup with dumplings Vegetable soup with dumplings

The Lord is good and the not-so-little things in life that He allows us to see and enjoy, like our boys growing up and serving us, give us hope. It is the love of Christ that binds our family together, and it is that same love that will endure forever.

*The views expressed by the Wild family are their own and not necessarily those of Answers in Genesis.

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