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Do you know what foreign missionary life is like? Have you ever thought about living “off the grid”? How about changing cultures and trying crazy new foods? We know what it’s like—we are Christian missionary kids growing up in the jungle. We are the Wild brothers, and we want to show you our world.

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Growing up as foreign missionaries in the jungle highlands of Indonesia gave our family a first-hand view of God’s stunning creation. Now we’ve moved to an island home, exploring God’s amazing world and continuing to share the truth of God’s Word. Come along with us on our “Highlands to Island” adventure!

  • Nov. 24, 2021

    Tag along with Morgan and Alyssa as they do some exploring away from their resort, which includes a stop at a cenote and a lunch at a roadside taco restaurant.

  • Nov. 12, 2021

    We’ve added a sister to the Wild family! In this episode of The Wild Way, we reflect on the wedding of our oldest brother, Morgan, and his new bride, Alyssa.

Life as Christian Missionaries

Find out more about our family’s heart for tribal missions as Mike Wild, dad to the Wild brothers, shares what led us to church planting among an unreached people group. Then read as Libby Wild shares her passion and vision for homeschooling the boys.

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