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Seeds Music 6-CD Combo

Produced by Seeds Family Worship
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  • Format: Audio CD
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  • Ages: All ages
  • SKU: 90-7-900
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Seeds music makes it fun and easy for kids and families to learn, memorize and store God’s Word in their hearts. Sing! Learn! Memorize! Hide God’s Word in your heart!

What’s Included $72 value

  • Seeds of Character

    It is awesome how God redeems us and changes our character to be more like His character. In Seeds of Character we explore (and sing) scriptures that help us to live by the spirit and not by the flesh.

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  • Seeds of Courage

    This best selling Seeds album will encourage your family/church to live a courageous life as you walk with Jesus. These scriptures exort us not fear, but to call on our awesome God.

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  • Seeds of Faith

    The scripture on Seeds of Faith will help your family/church lean into God and trust His amazing love for us. These scriptures will give you strength as you walk by faith in Him.

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  • Seeds of Praise

    Get ready to sing for joy as you praise and worship Jesus using His Word! The scripture on Seeds of Praise will help your family/church fix their eyes on Jesus in worship and in life.

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  • Seeds of Purpose

    Jesus has a purpose for our lives! In Seeds of Purpose, explore some of the scriptures that talk about and define our purpose.

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  • The Power of Encouragement

    In The Power of Encouragement you will find scriptures that will not only encourage you, but will help you encourage others.

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