Canadian Supreme Court Limits Religious Freedom

by Ken Ham on June 21, 2018
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It seems every week there’s a new example of religious freedom being attacked throughout the West, usually in the name of “acceptance” or “tolerance” of those in the LGBT community. Well, last week the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a much-anticipated and highly disappointing decision to a Christian university—a decision that will impact religious freedom in that nation.

Trinity Western University, a Christian university in British Columbia, Canada, was looking to open a law school but was denied accreditation because the university requires students to sign a “community covenant.” This code of conduct is based on biblical morality and prohibits students from lying, cheating, using vulgar language, and viewing pornography, among other things.

But what upset the courts was that TWU included the biblical view that sexual activity is to be between one man and one woman within the covenant of marriage. This issue of gender, same-sex unions, etc., is driving the entire culture! Personally, I see it as God withdrawing the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit and turning people over to their depraved natures as described in Romans 1.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 7–2 that the proposed law school would not receive accreditation because it “would deter LGBT students from attending . . . and those who did attend would be at risk of significant harm.” The Supreme Court claims they want to ensure diversity within the bar and uphold “a positive public perception of the legal profession.” But what they’re really doing is limiting diversity by making it clear that those who hold to a biblical view of marriage are not welcome. They don’t want diversity—they want everyone to agree with the government’s secular (anti-biblical) views on marriage and sexuality. The Canadian government is increasingly showing it is not tolerant of those who do not agree with the secular religion.

The Canadian government is increasingly showing it is not tolerant of those who do not agree with the secular religion.

And that’s increasingly happening here in the USA too. It’s easy for us as Christians to feel discouraged or hopeless as we see what appears to be an irreversible trend throughout the West. But we must remember that the darker the world becomes, the brighter our lights will shine as we point people toward Christ and the gospel message. We must not give up but must boldly share our hope with a dying world.

Ultimately our battle here on earth isn’t for religious freedom or biblical morality—it’s for the hearts and souls of generations! These are souls that will live forever, either with God in heaven or without him in hell. Our enemy, the devil, has deceived and blinded people from the truth of the gospel, so we must lovingly, but boldly, work to remove those blinders. We must do what we have been instructed to do and leave the results to God.

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