Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pro-Life Centers

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It’s not very often I get to share good news on my blog. But today is an exception as it was recently announced that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled in favor of pro-life clinics in California, which means they will no longer be forced to promote abortion as an alternative—the murder of unborn children—to their clients.

The California Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency Act required pro-life centers to inform their clients that the state of California offers free or low-cost abortions. Essentially, the state was forcing pro-life centers to promote the very thing they oppose—the murder of children in the womb! You see, these clinics exist because they oppose abortion and want to provide real hope and help to women and men—help that doesn’t involve encouraging them to murder their child.

This California law was clearly a violation of free speech and other First Amendment rights, and we’re thankful, in their 5–4 decision, that SCOTUS recognized this obvious fact. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra did not agree. He tweeted,

Essentially, the state was forcing pro-life centers to promote the very thing they oppose—the murder of children in the womb!

California women deserve access to unbiased & truthful information about their healthcare, we will continue working to make full healthcare access and awareness a reality.

Becerra says women deserve “access and awareness,” but he really wants to help silence those who would encourage women to keep their baby. He doesn’t want mothers and fathers to be aware of all their options—only one: abortion.

Would Becerra be open to requiring Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics to offer real counseling to women who come into their offices, including sharing options such as adoption or choosing to keep their baby? Should they be required to do what many pro-life centers do—provide parenting classes, baby and maternity items, and continued support for moms and dads? Of course he wouldn’t agree with such a measure because he doesn’t really want women to know all their options, just abortion (which he calls “healthcare,” but murder is not healthcare).

We’re thankful for this ruling that allows pro-life centers to continue doing what they do best—saving the lives of children and giving real hope and help to their parents.

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