Traffic Controller Turned Creation Crusader

AiG Speaker Makes Front-Page News


During the evenings and on weekends mild-mannered Carl Kerby morphs into a crusader for creation and Biblical authority.

During the daytime, he’s a traffic controller at Chicago’s O’Hare International, but during the evenings and on weekends, mild-mannered Carl Kerby morphs into a crusader for creation and Biblical authority. His alter ego was recently featured on the front page of Baptist Bulletin.

An imposing 6’3’, the son of a professional wrestler and himself a black belt in judo, Carl is nevertheless a “Teddy Bear” to those who know him. His warmth and passion for defending the Word of God are infectious.

Carl grew up in a liberal church where his Sunday school teacher taught him that evolution and the Bible mix. But in the late 1980s, a pilot challenged Carl to read Ken Ham’s book The Lie: Evolution, and it transformed Carl’s faith. He learned to trust in the truth of God’s Word from the beginning (Psalm 119:160). Through God’s further remarkable intervention, Carl eventually joined AiG’s growing list of speakers.

The thrilling testimony in Baptist Bulletin explains how Carl uses his training in judo and traffic control in witnessing for Jesus Christ. He first wins over his opponents by gently catching them “off guard” (kuzushi in judo), then he guides them onto the right path by focusing on the “bottom strip" (the aircraft on the radar closest to the airport).

The article closes with a challenge:

“Carl Kerby, whose testimony reflects his desire to serve his Savior, strives to live the lesson that God has taught him: ‘All Christians need to be ministers for Jesus Christ, using the talents that God has given them.’”

If you think that Carl might be able to challenge your friends and acquaintances to use their talents to defend God’s Word and to spread His message of salvation, please call Mary Garoutte (859) 727-2222, ext. 403, or complete our online questionnaire. Carl is an extremely popular speaker, and is available to speak at a variety of meetings, including family retreats, weekend symposiums, home educators conferences and professional gatherings.

“He is one of the most dynamic creation speakers available today,” says Ken Ham, founder of AiG. “There is no doubt his talks not only are informative and captivating, but highly motivating!”


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