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Answers magazine recently interviewed Tim Chaffey, a former teacher and co-author of the new fiction series The Truth Chronicles. Published by Risen Books (Portland, Oregon), the books focus on reaching pre-teens and teens with the reliability of Scripture.

Among those who endorse the book is apologetics author Bill Jack of Worldview Academy: “In The Truth Chronicles, the friendship of four teens survives time travel, life-changing danger, and challenges of worldview-shaking proportions. More than just a clever tale, this futuristic glimpse of the past puts readers in touch with present-day reality.”

Answers editor John UpChurch recently interviewed Tim to learn more:

What is the premise for the series?

When four teenagers discover time travel, they are thrust into an adventure far beyond anything they could imagine. As they explore earth’s past, the heroine, JT, uses her firmly grounded faith to witness to her friends and demonstrate how the Bible makes sense of our world’s past and present.

What specific audience are you targeting with the books?

Our primary audience is junior high students. There are a lot of great resources out there for young children, high school students, and adults. Sadly, junior high students are often overlooked.

“We have a fun story to tell, and our readers enjoy the adventure while learning how to defend their faith.”
—Tim Chaffey, author of The Truth Chronicles series

The main reason I wanted to write the books was to help young people understand the biblical worldview and know that they can trust God’s Word. We have a fun story to tell, and our readers enjoy the adventure while learning how to defend their faith.

How can these books help Answers readers reach that audience?

Many junior high students aren’t willing to read a nonfiction book about the reliability of Scripture. However, many of them will read an action-packed adventure series that focuses on biblical truth.

Parents and teachers need to be prepared to provide accurate answers to the many questions young people ask. Young people may not always agree with what you teach them, but they do respect someone who boldly—yet lovingly—shares the truth. By helping them understand the Bible and how it makes perfect sense of our world, you will have helped them to grow in their faith.

The first three books in the series are designed to assist students in developing the biblical worldview, and they can expect even more help in the just-released fourth book—as well as two upcoming books.

You’ve also announced the release of a study guide for the series. How will this help young readers?

The study guide will help them dive deeper into fifteen of the biblical authority issues addressed in the books. It will show them where these issues are covered in Scripture and lead them to think critically about some of the most-asked questions of the Christian faith, including dinosaurs, astronomy, Cain’s wife, and more.

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