The CRS—A Partner in Proclaiming the Creation Message


AiG wants to introduce you to the fine work of the Creation Research Society (CRS), the oldest creation group in America.

CRS was a co-host with AiG of last summer’s Bright shining lights in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA (where 2,000 people participated over the six-day conference). In fact, four CRS board members spoke to attendees.

Dr. Don DeYoung

Dr. Don DeYoung, president of the CRS, spoke to the AiG-USA staff recently about design in nature.

CRS began in 1963 as a unique “professional society” committed to scientific creation studies. Its current president is Dr. Donald DeYoung, who is also a physics professor at Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana, USA. Grace is a Christian college that (Dr. DeYoung informs us) supports the young-earth creation position. Members of the CRS board of directors who spoke at the conference were Mike Oard, Russell Humphreys and Danny Faulkner.

CRS activities include the publishing of books, a technical quarterly and also the popular level “Creation Matters” magazine (all material is peer reviewed). The Society also provides funding and facilities to creation scientists for approved research projects, which involves a formal grant application process.

Current studies of the CRS include: rates of stalactite growth, the design of desert ecosystems, the nature of stellar redshifts and various genetics projects. The Society has many additional research opportunities pending as funds become available from friends. Creation research, it should be pointed out, does not have access to the billion-dollar budget of a group like the National Science Foundation. Nevertheless, valuable work is being accomplished privately by groups such as the CRS.

In fact, much of the scientific data presented by Answers in Genesis in conferences, books and other resources was initially explored by the Creation Research Society.

The Society operates the Van Andel Creation Research Center in Chino Valley, Arizona, USA, located south of the Grand Canyon. Facilities there include a laboratory field station, visiting scientist’s quarters, greenhouse, and a publications building. Dr. Kevin Anderson is the resident laboratory director. If you pass through northern Arizona, the CRS welcomes you to stop in for a tour; call (928) 636-1153 for location details. Also, see the website for information and resources.

The Creation Research Society currently has a membership of 600 professional scientists worldwide. An additional 1,200 students and friends are also members. Anyone interested in the promotion of creation studies is welcome to join the CRS. Benefits include subscription to the periodicals, a newsletter, book discounts, occasional regional seminars and the privilege of belonging to the oldest creation organization in the US.


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