The Collinsville Kid

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A Poem written by Stephen Ham about Robert Ham.

This poem was written by Stephen Ham (brother to Ken Ham) in loving memory of their brother, Robert, after Robert’s death on 9 June 2002.

Others dressed in Bows and Bells and hair tied in a ringlet
But Norma entered Robert Ham in Nappies and a Singlet
The annual Collinsville baby show, a chance to win a quid
Who’d of thought that Robert would become the Collinsville Kid.

Two sisters and three brothers and we all have our perspective
The different thoughts we have of Rob when we become reflective.
We will all try to copy him, to do the things he did
But none of us will ever match our beloved Collinsville Kid.

Kenny will reflect on how Rob preached the Gospel story
Convicted those who sat in pews to focus on God’s glory.
Whenever Ken was in Rob’s church he’d be asked to stand amid,
To preach the creator’s message for his mate, the Collinsville Kid.

Rosemary will reflect on Robert’s happy smiling face.
He had that knack to make you laugh and give a warm embrace.
And if She needed picking up, forget 'The Wizard of Id'.
She’d grab the phone and dial to reach her funny Collinsville Kid.

Beverley will reflect on her Big Brother and her Friend.
A jovial boy who never fought or set out to offend.
And unlike us, a placid boy. He’d never flip his lid.
You couldn’t help but totally love our friendly Collinsville Kid.

David will reflect on times Rob’s sickness brought them close.
Tricks to get Rob out of shops or give a medicine dose.
And Robert never embarrassed Dave and David never hid.
There was not enough that he could do for our sickly Collinsville Kid.

Stephen will reflect on Rob’s advice and Book Reviews.
How Spurgeon and Lloyd-Jones would help Steve form doctrinal views.
But most of all taught Steve to Preach and Preach the word he did.
And in this way Rob’s voice lives on so thank you Collinsville Kid.


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