Having a Blast with AiG


“I cannot thank AIG enough for all the resources you have provided me with.”

I am a quarry manager based in Southern Ireland. I have literally just come down from doing a blast, during which I had the privlege of sharing with one of my employees a. the biblical geological senario, b. God the creator and designer, c. the biblical model of people migration, and d. my faith through Jesus Christ and his need for the same. Having been educated to be an evolutionist, i would not have been able to share Christian truth calmly and methodicaly with this man, if it was not for AIG. I did not start the conversation, i even suggested that he tell me to stop when he had enough. But he wanted to continue, it was new, it was different, even though he accepts that it is challenging.

I cannot thank AIG enough for all the resources you have provided me with. You often qoute Peter, that we would be able to give the reason for the hope within us. And this is Soooooo true. With your help, we can.

God bless you all.
Steve Hamer


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