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AiG is pleased to announce the release of a new live-action adventure series on video for children—'The Discovery Team!'

AIG is pleased to announce the release of a new live-action adventure series on video for children—“The Discovery Team!”

Unlike many videos and TV nature/science programs for children that promote evolutionary ideas, these new videos will uphold the authority of the Bible from its very first verse!

“The Discovery Team” videos feature AIG’s dinosaur explorer and sculptor Buddy Davis (along with his special music), as well as humor, special effects, and a dinosaur sidekick: the animatronic “Proto” (left). Highly recommended by Ken Ham, this high energy and high-quality production proclaims Biblical truths for children of all ages (and we believe that teens and adults will enjoy them, too)! From a submarine deep underwater to an airplane high above the Earth, “The Discovery Team” presents adventures that share Biblical truths about God and His creation! The fast-paced 30-minute videos are produced in association with Gospel Communications and Henderson Design and Productions.

The first two releases in the series are:

  • “Six short days, one big adventure” (an “unexpected” adventure leads a student to a recognition that the universe is the work of God, and that it was created recently, not millions of years ago)

  • “A Jurassic ark mystery” (Buddy and the “Discovery Team” go on the road in a fun-filled quest to uncover the mystery of the dinosaurs!)

We truly believe that in their homes, schools, VBS, and Sunday schools, children will want to watch these entertaining, humorous, and yet educational videos over and over again! Parents certainly won’t have to worry about the content of these Bible- and God-honoring tapes!


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