Creation “College”—Don’t Miss a One-of-a-Kind Opportunity!


Answers in Genesis will be conducting Creation College, to be held in July 2004.

[Editor’s note: The Creation College conference concluded July 2004. This article is retained for reference only.]

From Wednesday evening, 21 July, through Sunday lunch, 25 July 2004, (in S.E. Indiana, USA, just 40 minutes from AiG’s offices), Answers in Genesis will be conducting what it believes is a unique program in the history of the worldwide creation movement.

Fourteen specialist speakers, including Ken Ham (CEO AiG-USA), Dr Carl Wieland (CEO AiG-Australia) and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati (brilliant Australian scientist, apologist and author of the best-selling Refuting Evolution book series) will participate in a one-of-a-kind program designed to train people in teaching creation-related issues.

With 27 sessions, these specially arranged presentations are for anyone who teaches the Bible or origins, or is involved in Christian ministry (e.g. pastors, Sunday school teachers, creation speakers, Christian and homeschool teachers, missionaries, college professors, etc). Interactive panel/discussions with the presenters will also be featured.

Topics include:

  1. How to construct effective creation presentations
  2. How to answer the most-asked creation/evolution questions
  3. How to make your ministry grow (the “secrets” of some of AiG’s strategies will be revealed)
  4. Training in Powerpoint presentations—by a Powerpoint specialist
  5. Learning why some creation arguments should not be used
  6. Understanding practical logic
  7. Copyright issues (you can do MORE than you think) presented by two experienced attorneys
  8. Setting up the proper equipment (e.g. Powerpoint presentations)
  9. Tips on good communication to make the creation message understood and relevant
  10. Using a creation curriculum
  11. Designing creation conferences
  12. Using and designing effective illustrations in presentations

Guest presenters and specialists from within the AiG ministry will share the accumulated experience and wisdom they have gained over the years, so that others can be equipped to spread the creation/gospel message more effectively and powerfully.

Participants will also receive special teaching tools (e.g. CD-ROMs) to enable them to start assembling the resources necessary for effective presentations.

Further information, including costs and a detailed program, are available on the Creation College website.

Reserve your place for this unique “Creation College” next summer—space is limited to around 800 participants.


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