AiG’s Website is a Needed Ministry


“This morning, my “computer time” revealed another striking example of the need for your ministry.”

Dear folks at AiG,

This morning, my “computer time” revealed another striking example of the need for your ministry.

One of the first things I do each morning is to read the morning devotion on your site. (It is great - thank you for including the wisdom of Spurgeon)

Then I check out the main article for the day and look at other things AiG has to say and offer.

I read the great article about RATE. Since I am a believer who has only recently (within the last few years) been convicted of the necessity of believing the TRUTH of Scripture from the first word, I now seek ways to convince other believers, and also ways to use the TRUTH to bring others to Jesus.

One of my daughters is a college-level Biology teacher who “believes in” “science” rather than in the Word of God.

The striking difference between what is offered on your Home Page today versus the MSN Home page which offers among other things a “Test Your Dinosaur IQ” quiz is amazing. The first question on the quiz asks, “When do scientists estimate that dinosaurs first walked the earth?” The multiple choice answers are “230 million years ago, 100 million years ago, or 20 million years ago.”

Obviously, the truth isn’t even mentioned as a possibility!

I continue to e-mail articles from your site to my daughter, praying that the Lord will soften her heart.

Thank you again for your ministry!


Naomi, USA


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