T-rex under Construction in Museum Workshop!


AiG's dinosaur sculptor, Buddy Davis, is creating one of the most startling missionary lizards ever!

T-rex under construction in Museum workshop!

T-rex leg

AiG’s dinosaur sculptor Buddy Davis is creating one of the most startling “missionary lizards” ever! His life-size T-rex model, which is over 40 feet long and 12 feet tall, is just one of 70 models to be featured in AiG’s future Creation Museum! Buddy is planning to have this masterpiece finished by the end of the year. Ken Ham, AiG’s executive director, who visited Buddy’s workshop recently, says

“In my travels around the world, I have visited many natural history museums, such as the Museum of Natural History in London. Buddy’s dinosaurs are equal to and usually more life-like and better designed than anything the secular world produces. We praise the Lord for giving Buddy this incredible talent—its a first-class addition to our Creation Museum.”


The photos show the wooden and steel framework for the T-rex body, as well as the flesh of the T-rex arm. Visit our Creation Museum page for more information on AiG’s future museum—a “biblical journey through history”!


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